Four Different Drink Recipes to Try This Christmas Sunday - 15th December 2019

While a glass of wine or chilled mojito might fit certain events, sometimes you need something a little more special. If you’re hosting this Christmas and want to please you guests with the drink’s selection, then we’ve chosen a few of our favourites that highlight the holiday season perfectly. Some will be familiar, while others may be something new for you to try.

Old Fashioned Egg-Nog

A traditional egg milk punch has been a festive favourite for many years. As sweet as it is alcoholic, this creamy dairy-based beverage is traditionally made with milk, cream sugar, whipped egg whites and egg yolks. To tickle the taste buds of your festive do – load it up with some cinnamon sugar and serve it to your guests, preferably in the vicinity of a roaring open fire. If you’re looking to delight your guests with an egg-nog recipe this Christmas, try country living’s recipe.

The Snowflake Cocktail

This beautiful cocktail resembles freshly fallen snow on winter ground. A frozen coconut delight, this cocktail only requires four ingredients. Malibu, cream of coconut, shredded coconut and ice. Blended, the consistency resembles snow itself; add the shredded coconut to the top of the drink and the rim of the glass to give it that glistening ice effect. A cocktail that would as well in summer as it would in winter – it is one to try at your event.

Christmas Mocktail with Orange and Rosemary

We love the look of Olive Magazine’s mocktail, created by a mix of orange and rosemary. Festively inspired, this drink packs bold flavours and is an excellent trade-off for a morning bucks fizz. Easy to create, you’ll need:
• two large orange wedges
• a sprig of rosemary
• soda water
• one tablespoon of pomegranate seeds
• and a single cinnamon stick.

Once you have assembled your ingredients, juice the orange wedges, then add them with rosemary into a glass, stir and fill with ice. Top it up to the brim with your soda water. Finish the drink with your pomegranate and cinnamon.

Clementine Martinis

The elegant yet straightforward clementine martini is a great way to create drinks for large parties. If you want to delight your guests with an array of bright beverages that add a divine fragrance to the air, then this cocktail is for you.

Blend your clementine juice (or plain orange) with your favourite vodka, orange liqueur and fizz. Add a slice of the fruit itself to finish; you can either drop this into the glass or attach it to the rim. We like the idea of differentiating all the fruit slices to give the drinks that feel of individuality – however same slice size can make an entire batch look flawless.

Are you organising an event this winter? Our team aspires to offer the highest quality service at any event, at any time of year. Our specialist chefs and mixologists are on hand, as are our event design team. We are always happy to help. If you need some advice during this festive season, why not get in contact today?