Healthy Recipes for getting in shape Sunday - 1st March 2020

If you are starting a new journey to lose weight for the summer, it can be a challenging time. It can be easy to fall into the fad of cutting out sugar, fats and all things “bad” in reaching your goals.

Getting in shape this summer with the perfect healthy recipes

However, go cold turkey on these vital nutrients and what tends to follow are cravings that could lead to binging, shortly followed by a feeling of guilt or failure. Keeping a positive mindset is vital while you are undergoing a lifestyle change; get armed with knowledge for the challenge ahead.

There are lots of recipes out there that include all the nutrients that your body needs to lose weight but also keeps you satisfied. Usually, people considering going on a diet have a caloric imbalance or a nutrient deficit to begin with; therefore, they become out of shape. Cutting calories might not necessarily be the answer, and it is important to seek advice to be sure of your best options when it comes to dieting. From breakfast to sweets treats you can get in shape for summer with these healthy recipes.

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Dessert

Tasty savoury green pancakes

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It will kick start your brain, body and metabolism; provide you with the energy you need and start your day in the right way. Breakfast is essential, especially when you are losing weight.

Believe it or not, pancakes are not bad for you. If you cover them in sugar, chocolate and all things sweet, as we are prone to do, then their fat content will increase. For a savoury pancake recipe mix, you will need 100g plain flour, two large eggs, 300ml milk. Avoid shop-bought batter; this will contain various additives that make it worse for you than fresh ingredients. Into your batter, add 100 grams of blended spinach. After cooking the pancakes in a pan on high heat, top each pancake with cottage cheese, one sliced ripe avocado, chopped tomatoes and spring onions. Shake on some hot chilli flakes (for spice lovers), and you are good to go with your savoury pancake breakfast. Swap this savoury topping with fruit, natural honey and yoghurt for something sweeter.

Try a range of Stir Fries

Stir Fry is a fantastic lunch or dinner for when you are getting into shape this summer. From the simplest of ingredients to ease of cooking, you can make up a flavoursome healthy meal in under 30 minutes. Choose any vegetables you like, and we would recommend a white meat (chicken or fish) for lower fat content. Heat a wok with one tablespoon of oil and cook your preferred seasonings such as garlic, salt, pepper or fresh coriander. Fry the meat until cooked through and add your vegetables, leaving them slightly crunchy for that delicious texture.

Boil your noodles in a pan for the time specified on the packaging before adding them into the wok. For the sauce add one or two tablespoons of low salt soy sauce and one tablespoon of fish sauce. For other flavours, you can add ¾ of any preferred broth, whether that be honey or hoisin. The beauty of this dish is how experimental you can be. A healthy tip is to fill the dish with your favourite vegetables and then incrementally add the noodles. This way, you can stop yourself from adding too many noodles. This meal can be made for lunch or dinner. With time on your side, experiment with the wonderful flavours and make a healthy dish in under 30 minutes

Chia seed pudding

Chia seeds are perfect for making sweet treats and puddings; they are full of nutrients as well as antioxidants. Along with other natural goodness for the body, chia seeds also soak up the liquid that they are put in, making the perfect pudding consistency. Sift ½ a cup of cocoa powder in a mixing bowl and add a tablespoon of natural sweetener of your choice. This can be maple syrup or honey. Add a teaspoon of espresso coffee to intensify the flavour of chocolate without making the dish taste of the coffee. Whisk until the texture is thick. Add one cup of almond milk (or milk of your choice) and ½ cup of Greek yoghurt. If you want to continue to make this dessert dairy-free, choose a coconut-based yoghurt instead. This is adding the necessary protein that the body needs.

Toss in a cup of chia seeds and continue to whisk the ingredients together. Cover and place the mixing bowl in the fridge overnight. Check on the pudding after one hour and stir, make sure it is not too thick at this stage; if it is overly thick, add one-three tables spoons of milk.

Serve up in a bowl with some added fruit and a tablespoon of thick yoghurt or cream at your discretion. This dessert is fantastic for staying healthy; it is full of nutrients while remaining sweet.

All these meals can be altered to your dietary needs and still keep you on track to getting in shape this summer.