Top Planning Tips for a Summer Bride Wednesday - 1st May 2019

There are few things more picture-worthy than a summer wedding. With bright blue skies, a rich golden sun that turns the sky red as it sets in the late evening. The warmth. Each of these factors goes to prove how idyllic it can be to have the beauty of the weather perfectly reflect the beauty of the occasion.

While we can let our imagination run away with all the pros of a summer wedding, foolish are they who forget to plan their summer extravaganza. With the temperature, UV rays and the likelihood of some additional guests in the form of insects joining in the celebration there is undoubtedly some planning to do!

Provide Shade for Your Guests

We all love the sun but having some shaded escape from the direct heat can be a blessing. When going for the obligatory choice of an outside venue for your summer wedding, do not forget to ask about shaded areas or portable air conditioning; it is possible this can be set up within tents or marquees. You could even take precaution during the ceremony to ensure that your guests are not overheating. Think about having ice-cold hand towels, or iced water passed around your guests. Iced buckets holding bottled water on demand would not go amiss – if you can fit their design into the wedding aesthetic, even better.


Try not to forget the high likelihood that you will be battling pre-planned holidays left, right and centre. Make sure that you plan a summer wedding well in advance and give people ample warning. By doing this, you are more likely to keep your attendance up and avoid missing out on family and friends going away on holiday.

Light Bites and Attire

There aren’t many of us who like to mix heavy food with hot weather. Think about using fresh, local, produce. Why not take a look at some of our Spring menu ideas for some inspiration? Think about offering fruits, iced cocktails and maybe even ice-creams to your guests.
Try to ensure that your dress attire is suitable for a warm day. You want to be confident and comfortable in what your wearing for an extended amount of time. Try to ensure that you are conscious of this when you pick your dress and shoes. You could always aim for a dress made of silk - an entirely breathable material. If you cannot resist the ball gown of your dreams, go for it. Then be mindful of bringing along something more wearable for when the drink and dance section of the evening takes over.

The Right Time of Day

It might not be a good idea to make your way down the aisle during the hottest period of the day; neither for you nor your guests. Lots of people in one space (unless the ceremony is outdoors too) will inevitably increase the heat. Think about timing your ceremony and celebrations in the late afternoon or early evening. It would be magical if you could coincide your dinner with the sunset… but perhaps that is too much up to chance.
Think photography, if you want the picture-perfect event, do not forget about the effect lighting will have on your photos.

Helping you Create a Unique Day

Looking for a more extensive list of planning tips? Why not check out the knot’s 30 Essential Wedding Planning Tips and Tricks for some guidance, no matter the weather! We know that wedding planning is no easy feat, and that without real commitment your day may fall short of your expectations. Why not avoid some stress? The White Label are wedding event planning experts and have extensive experience working with some high-end clientele. Take a look at some of our designs. There’s no wedding we can’t tackle – get in touch today to see how we can help you sculpt your perfect day.