Cooking on a Diet Friday - 1st November 2019

The winter season approaches, and the smell of delicious, comforting food is in the air. The temptation to devour Halloween treats or Christmas puddings is high, especially if you are trying to eat healthier. It can be hard to resist certain dishes; however, looking for replacements could be the way forward to enjoying meals and making sure you are getting enough nutrients. The White Label has put together some lovely foods that are perfect for cooking while on a diet but still satisfying those winter cravings.

The Root of all Winter Delights

Root Vegetables are in season, which not only provides tasty foods but has been proven that eating seasonally is perfect for a healthy diet. Seasonal eating means that you have fresh produce that’s at its peak in nutrition. There is a multitude of recipes that can be created from root vegetables from starters to desserts.

Butter me up!

Butternut Squash is a perfect example of sweet and savoury dishes that are perfect for replacing high carb meals with a simple vegetable. Butternut Squash can be used in place of the carbs you put with your meal. An example of this can be to replace the mash potatoes in meals such as Cottage Pie.

If you have a sweet tooth, Real Everything has shared a Paleo Ice Cream recipe with the sweetness of the Butternut Squash to fulfil your appetite. Adding cinnamon to deserts stabilises blood sugar while also keeping you fuller for longer. This is entirely fitting with the seasonal flavourings and a beneficial ingredient to deserts. Why not try making a healthy Butternut Squash Cake from Nellie Bellie’s recipe, adding a touch of cinnamon, to share at your Christmas parties?

The Power of Root Vegetables

Replace the regular white tuber for more colourful and healthy substitutes such as parsnips, carrots, turnips or other root vegetables. Add these, instead of white potatoes to your roast dinner, hotpots and soup. This will fill your body with nutrition while filling your belly with some of your favourite dinners. How about giving spiralised parsnips and aubergine a go, it will replace the high carb pasta and other white carbs, for a nutritional alternative.

Greens, Greens, Good for the Heart

Cruciferous Vegetables such as cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage and many other greens are a seasonal vegetable that should be highly considered in foods. Not only does it reduce inflammation, but it is also a superfood that is high in nutrition. Like Butternut Squash, the adaptation of these vegetables are endless, and you can substitute your winter favourites for a healthy alternative, such as Cauliflower Mash; try introducing these to your meals.

Pairing cruciferous vegetables with chicken, like creating a beautiful chicken and vegetable gratin, is perfect for a cosy night in. We have created a blog on how to prepare your beef, why not try recreating one of the variations of vegetables and enjoy. There is no missing out this winter. Adding more vegetable to your meals is a perfect alternative for those winter comforts. You can include these all year round; there are plenty of delicious meals that could be created with these vegetable alternatives and feel happy eating healthy.