Your Event - A Floral Design Guide Tuesday - 15th October 2019

From corporate occasions to family celebrations, flowers are a key part of almost every event. They can add a splash of colours, decorate plain rooms, and leave a space smelling fresh and floral, making them a great addition to the decor. If you need help with your own floral event design, check out the top tips from our event specialists at The White Label.

Consider Your Event’s Purpose

The first thing to consider when choosing floral design is the purpose of your occasion. If you’re holding a branded event, for example, choosing flowers in your brand’s colours can be a great way to add a little subtle marketing and keep the theme of your event decor suitable. If you’re celebrating an individual, finding out their favourite flowers or colours can add a thoughtful touch, whilst large ceremonies often suit extravagant bouquets.

Keep Things Seasonal

To ensure your flowers are at their best, it’s a good idea to opt for buds that are in season. These’ll be fresher and you can buy them from local stores, making sure your flowers aren’t ruined by a lot of travel and supporting your community all at the same time - it’s a win-win! It can also look slightly odd to have out-of-season florals, such as daffodils in the winter or holly in the summer.

Remember Your Budget

When organising your floral event decor, it’s vital you remember your budget - and to stick to it! Flowers can be expensive, so find those that are in your price range so you can fill your space with fresh, quality bouquets rather than a few bunches of more pricey florals. If you’re struggling, take your budget and event plan to your local florist and see what they suggest.

Floral Event Design Tips

There are a lot of ways you can make sure your flower decor goes according to plan, and we’ve put together a few tips to help: - Bright colours look best on camera, so if your event is being photographed or filmed keep this in mind.

  • Skip very fragrant flowers if you’re in a small space or if you’re serving food and drinks.

  • If arranging in foam, soak it in water to keep flowers fresh and make it easier to handle.

  • Fill gaps between flowers in your foam with greenery to make your arrangements a little cheaper.

  • Prepare your vases or foam before your flowers arrive for quick arranging.

  • If you’re having an event that lasts more than a day, consider long-lasting flowers like chrysanthemums and daisies.

Flowers are a great addition to event decor, just as long as you do them right of course! Be sure to keep these tips in mind when organising yours for a floral success, or get in touch with our professionals at The White Label for expert event planning. We can take all the difficult jobs off of your hands and plan an event you can be proud to host.