CORPORATE GOLDEN ANNIVERSARY Old Billingsgate, London, England

The White Label had an exciting opportunity to work in collaboration with CI Events to organise a corporate fiftieth anniversary party for 1,000 international guests. The team of innovative creatives had a wonderful time transforming Old Billingsgate into “Gold Billingsgate” for all to enjoy.


Led by Head of Event Design, Nicholas Le Gal, the team converted the space into something truly original. Gold mirror bars gleamed in the centre of the room, whilst street food stations surrounded the edge full of sumptuous treats. No expense was spared in making Old Billingsgate shine like a golden star.

Our team of chefs worked tirelessly to provide the large selection of delectable street food items, ensuring that everyone was content throughout the evening. An example of one of the street food options was our ‘Dim Sum Bar’, which included: steamed siu mai dumplings filled with prawn, pork & ginger, roasted chilli & soy dipping sauce; grilled jiaozi ‘pot sticker’ dumplings filled ground pork, garlic & chives, black vinegar & ginger dip; crispy paper prawns, soy & ponzu dipping sauce; duck & spring onion gyoza, sweet & sour tonkatsu sauce.