NYETIMBER: PERSPECTIVES OF PERFECTION Nyetimber Vineyard, West Sussex, England

An occasion where the best of British bubbles, combined with our bespoke canapés, results in something utterly original and truly spectacular.


With geography, climate, passion and determination on their side, Nyetimber knew they could rival the best in the world, including Champagne. This approach is also shared by our efficacious team at The White Label, who saw a wonderful opportunity to collaborate two fine products and create one unique experience. Several years on and we are still developing delicious canapés to pair with Nyetimber’s rising vintages.

Led by Director of Food, Cris Macis, our team of chefs at The White Label work tirelessly to create a perfect blend of flavours that complement and enhance the notes in Nyetimber’s various sparkling wines. Perfection is of utmost importance to our team and if one of the creations doesn’t cut the mustard, it is back to the drawing board until excellence is achieved.